We Have Your Back

Excellence Academy is a mentorship group committed to addressing the gaps in training and education for realtors in the first 3 years of their career. The program is designed to provide agents hands-on, in-person training with classroom and virtual sessions on the fundamentals of real estate.Excellence Academy Director, Tim Grover, works with other skilled trainers, industry professionals, experienced associates as guest instructors to provide real-life examples and valuable lessons. 

The twelve-week program includes twice-weekly training sessions on a variety of topics, and can be started at any-time. 

How can I help by client understand a home inspection report? What does the permitting process look like if my client has an unlicensed shed? What should be my advertising budget for Facebook ads? 

At RE/MAX Excellence, we don’t just cover the fundamentals – we get into the details and continuously strive to elevate our understanding of industry experts, and profile our own highly experienced associates and staff for knowledge sharing. 

The Excellerate Education program is our bi-weekly educational series covering an array of topics from Marketing to Investments.